The Value of Optimizing Endpoint Defense

Endpoint Defense is a sophisticated managed service that protects your network and data from targeted and persistent attacks. Endpoint defense is the first line of protection in a multi-layered security strategy. There are several key advantages to Optimizing Endpoint Defense. Ensuring Endpoint Defense is put in place is critical in defending you and your company’s security. The endpoint security market is growing at an extremely fast rate.  The Endpoint security market is projected to surpass USD 7.5 billion by 2024, which represents how important it is to optimize Endpoint Defense today.


Why Firewalls and Antivirus Software Alone are Inadequate in Protecting Your Network

Utilizing firewalls and antivirus software are certainly critical and best practice in your whole security picture. Those tools alone are not enough to secure your network. A firewall protects your company against unauthorized access. This is crucial to stop and block unwanted users from accessing information. Antivirus software detects and quarantines malicious files. You can read more about effective tips and tricks to utilizing antivirus software here.

Even with these two tools correctly put in place, you and your company are still at a great risk.  There are still many holes to fill in your security position. These two tools can not prevent against human error or insider threats. When you Optimize Endpoint Defense, you are using a multi-layered security approach that can fill the holes.


The Value Of Optimizing Endpoint Defense


Three Key Advantages to Optimizing Endpoint Defense 


1. Proactive Approach In Preventing Problems

Prior to an issue occurring, it is critical to have Endpoint Defense in place. It will increase both your businesses security posture and valuation. Pro-activity is crucial. In addition to having firewalls and antivirus software put in place, having really good endpoint defense in place is important too. This allows issues within a network to be detected and mitigated prior to a breach occurring.

2. Investment Recovery

In addition to preventing issues and breaches prior to them occurring, investment recovery is a huge advantage to gain from optimizing advanced endpoint defense malware protection. It is true that managed security services are an investment, however your business will recover its investment when monies are not being spent to rectify an issue within your network as a result of a security breach! Not only does a security breach cost your company a great deal of money, but also costs your company its reputation!

3. Time Saving Tool

Optimizing Endpoint Defense saves you and your business time. When a business has endpoint strategies in place, there is a decrease in time spent on solving a problem within a network and re-securing its systems. Spend your time doing what you do best, not fighting off security breaches or consumer concerns as a result of a breach.


How Can Endpoint Defense Be Implemented Today

Griffin Global has state of the art technology that will protect your enterprise from malicious actors and ensure your business and reputations remains intact. Sentinel, one of the services within SourceONE™ Managed Security Services offered by Griffin Group Global, is an advanced system that provides threat detection in real time. This service has the capability to:

  1. Detect the issue.
  2. Speed up the response to the issue.
  3. Isolate the issue.
  4. Mitigate the issue before your data is compromised.


Implementing SourceONE™ managed security services increases both your security posture and increases your company’s valuation. Optimizing Endpoint Defense is critical to defending you and your company’s security.

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