Secure convenience.

In addition to redefining what it means to be cyber secure, and now that we’re starting to understand that modern day convenience up to this point is unsecured. We can start to get into the answer we’re all looking for. It’s simple, secure convenience no matter what.

Our mission here at Griffin is simple as well, help people and business. Help everyone take back control of their digital self better protecting the physical self so we can sleep easy at night. So how do we do this, keep it simple. We start by understanding your strategy and business goals, the unique people and processes that make up your business and lifestyle. Then map it to the technology and stay with you maturing over time creating a 1-to-1 experience for our clients that lasts for generations to come.

Secure Convenience

Traditional costs money.

There’re far too many companies out there to name such as Microsoft, Oracle and others that claim they have solutions that can do everything you need and it’s easy. Anyone that knows about or has uses Sharepoint or any Oracle-like product knows one fact. It takes a ton people and money to get them established, trained on and maintained. By the time you start adding up the number plus the hidden costs you didn’t expect your tired and broke.

Now lets say a miracle happens, you get all the capabilities you need working in the first few months 🙂 and staff trained, now you need to secure it. That’s right you need more stuff to secure the unsecured stuff you just stood up. So, then what? Easy, more people and money. Now the best part…you get hacked, have a data breach and your reputation takes a hit that costs more then everything you already spent. This is not the secure answer.

Data breaches not convenience.

I also talk to people that now rely on their large financial or wealth management institution. They get hacked, driving them to spend billions of dollars to create their own proprietary software solutions. Then make everyone in the company use it and their clients and monitor all the data watching everything, even during off hours. Yet, they still don’t control all the endpoints leading to vulnerabilities that hackers exploit and boom another day another data breach.

There are a lot of trending solutions such as cryptocurrency with the blockchain technology behind. In a sprint to create the next innovation that delivers privacy, it was only a matter of time. Too many hacks and too little security. Conceptually, blockchain is great. Single data points or transactions protected individually to protect the big data. But the facts are what they are, $2.3 billion in reported loses in the cryptocurrency world alone speak for themselves. This is not the secure answer.

The secure answer.

In order to solve a problem, you must first understand it. For almost a decade, we have worked to understand the challenges that people and businesses of all sizes face daily. From physical to digital, people’s behavior to include mobile technology, social media and lifestyle. The latter is the key to everything Griffin delivers. Not just the lifestyle for the individual, principal of a family office or business founder but for everyone that is involved in or around an individual’s life or business. Look, we all want to have more time and enjoy life doing more of the things that we want to, that should go for everyone.

At last we have an answer, Gravity™ , the first ever Advanced Productivity Platform, the last “APP” you will ever need. Gravity™ delivers the efficiencies needed to get back time, the capabilities to truly have one system with the privacy tenants built into the platform allowing you to achieve secure convenience with total assurance. While we’re solving the widely spread problem of data privacy, unlike traditional technology providers or cyber security companies, we look at the entire landscape across all vectors for solutions that will last you, your family and your business. But most importantly your lifestyle. 

The world is shrinking, your digital self is compromised and continues to be at risk. We must think far beyond todays needs and tomorrows wants. Make secure convenience part of your reality. One in which you can get back time, have privacy and do more of what you want to do. To me that is something worth innovating for, that is why Griffin exists.


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