Threat Intelligence is information about an existing or emerging risk to a network that can be used to take action to mitigate the risk. Cyber-attacks continue to increase in frequency and sophistication, presenting significant challenges for organizations that must defend their data and systems from capable attacks. Cyber threat intelligence can help us identify and address potential vulnerabilities in our operations and prepare accordingly.

Threat IntelligenceCyber threat intelligence is necessary because, simply put, hackers have grown smarter. Where once a virus scanner was a good-enough way to keep malware off of a network, now utilizing perimeter security tools alone cannot always keep networks safe. And the more valuable the target, the more likely that advanced methods will be used in order to extract information. Cyber threat intelligence is one way for security analysts to respond to different cybersecurity threats they face. It’s a way to gather up multiple security threads – from ransomware to malware and more – and then come up an actionable plan to best respond to those threats.

The growth and sophistication of cyber-attacks against each and every one of us has increased. Threat Intelligence allows organizations to go beyond just collecting data about their threats, but also get to know them, be aware of what they are confronting with, maximize security, and pinpoint reconnaissance and weaponization methods before the breach occurs. Threat Intelligence from a luxury to a necessity.

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