Security is not convenient.

So, you must decide what is important to you, security or convenience? With convenience becoming common among users it’s very hard to break that expectation until something bad happens. Even then it is hard to change behavior, we rate how bad that something is and try to justify not changing our behavior because most of us don’t like change. Convenience is comfortable.

Convenience, unsecured.

What’s going on.

Even with Apple saying “we want to be different”, the question is how much? Digital Health is something you will start to hear in this effort. Apple is telling you that “you have the ability to block or limit apps” but they could have taken a hard stance if they wanted. They didn’t. Instead, they ask you to limit yourself, yet they made the devices and user experience better…so you will use it more. Then monitor it and us, taking the new data you’re giving them and use it to gain more market share.

Microsoft just dropped a datacenter into the Atlantic off the coast of Scotland. In an effort to create more space for your data and cool the datacenter with ocean water, they can reduce the cost of housing our data. Keeping it secure should be easy on the ocean floor. We’re in a data revolution and it’s moving fast. Data is everywhere and its massive, we’re literally going to fill the ocean with it. Then what, that’s easy, companies will use it to gain more market share. Cash is king as they say and data is the number one currency.

Here is the reality.

They are just tracking us more and hedging our data. It’s what they do and we agree to let them. In addition, all hardware and software applications are created so people and businesses will use it. That’s the game. We desire a solution, new technology is developed to solve a problem. The more you can understand the marketplace and the prospectus clients the better chance you have to be successful. What better way than to have all your personal data and your digital footprint to know where you have been, so that they can predict where you might go and nudge you to get you right where they want you.

Keep the faith.

So, there are companies out there trying to help people achieve security with convenience. After all, anything is possible right? We are one of those companies. At Griffin, we’re well on our way to providing the secure convenience that allows us to use technology as we have come to learn. Remember, technology is created to solve a problem, this is ours.

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