Secure communication is at the core of data protection; without encryption and authentication every single smartphone in your organization is a potential point of vulnerability. Due to the wealth of apps we all download and pour data into, our smartphones have become a reliable indicator of our lives, an extension of who we are.

secure communications
Encryption offers a vast amount of security when it comes to personal data, and is hard for outside parties to crack. Encryption isn’t about secrets; it’s about security. You might’ve heard about performance lags, and you might think encryption is unnecessary but it can make it possible to leverage the benefits of infrastructure as a service, while still ensuring the privacy of your data.

Advantages of Secure Communications

1. Encrypted Data across multiple Devices

Mobile devices are a big part of our lives, and transferring data from device to device is a risky proposition. Encryption technology can help protect and store data across all devices. Additional security measures like advanced authentication help deter unauthorized users.

2. Encrypted Data Maintains Integrity

Hackers don’t just steal information, they also can benefit from altering data to commit fraud. While it is possible for skilled individuals to alter encrypted data, recipients of the data will be able to detect the corruption, which allows for a quick response to the cyber attack.

3. Encryption Protects Privacy

Encryption is used to protect sensitive data, including personal information for individuals. This helps to ensure privacy, reducing opportunities for surveillance by both criminals and government agencies.

Secure Communications is considered as important part of individuals and families, as well as organizations, governments, educational institutions and our business. Encryption is essential for securing data, either in transit or stored on devices. It can provide piece of mind that communications will not be intercepted and that sensitive information stored on devices can not be stolen in the event of loss or theft. This is why our Secure Comms product is the first step in the journey to a complete digital identity protection for yourself and your place of business.

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