Managed security services offers the oversight and administration of a company’s security processes. Managed security services conducts either in-house or remotely. This offers a wide range of security services, from setting up infrastructure through security management or incident response. Some managed security service providers specialize in certain areas while others offer full outsourcing of an enterprise’s information security program.

managed security servicesThe right Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) can bring a variety of specialized skills and tools to the table that you would otherwise lack the time, budget, and resources to develop in-house.

The MSSP market was founded to help businesses improve their security posture by monitoring their infrastructure in real time against threats. The nature of the threats have changed over time, from hackers and viruses in the early days to stealthy fraud-based attacks aimed at stealing information for financial gain.

Many IT staffs find themselves overtaxed in trying to ensure systems are operational, and with new initiatives, such as migrating to cloud or hybrid models, they simply lack the expertise or the time required for researching, installing, configuring, and managing security products and systems. Compliance initiatives such as GDPR, continue to ratchet up requirements, as well as an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape, also compound the problem.

Many confuse the concept of control with the concept of execution. Leading managed security service providers (MSSPs) work closely with their clients to implement and proactively manage network security to meet specific and often unique client requirements. The client passes off the execution of security issues to the MSSP, without relinquishing control over their network.

With constantly evolving technologies and attack techniques making security a moving target, organizations are exposed to new risks nearly every day. By partnering with an MSSP that offers powerful technology along with accurate threat intelligence, proven processes, and experienced professionals, organizations can significantly improve their protection while meeting complex compliance demands and maximizing their IT investments.

managed security services

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