Griffin Client Testimonials

Please note: Most of our clients we can make available as a reference when we reach the appropriate point in our relationship. We take our MNDA's very seriously, due to the risk of transparency in cyber security. As a result, our testimonials will be family and business agnostic. Thank you in advance for respecting and understanding our position when it comes to our clients privacy.

Nicole B
 Griffin was instrumental in helping to secure my principal family at their newly constructed estate. In addition to securing the home, Griffin also secured the families personal communication devices using their secure communication products. Griffin’s approach to securing the home and their approach to securing the families mobile devices, eased the concerns my Principal had regarding our exposure to hackers and intruders. Griffin was worth both our financial investment as well as the peace of mind we get knowing their expertise will help to protect everyone associated with the new home. It was an eye opening and educational experience for all of us. 
Christina G
 We couldn’t be happier with Griffin, the security and service that they have helped us with. From the University to SourceOne solutions, we are excited to move forward with security solution options for our clients that are way ahead of the curve! If you need security (don’t we all?!), this is your team! 
John P
 Griffin was instrumental in helping us go on a long overdue digital transformation. We knew that we needed to make more of our process and customer experience digital. Griffin helped us not only make our processes digital, they helped make our customer experience private. This was an incredible narrative to add to those who were new to our business and helped us close new business easier.  
Jim H
 One of the key differences with Griffin is their relentless pursuit of perfection as well as their personal, one on one, input to our specific needs. They have the resources to be at the cutting edge with their technology and to make sure that their entire team can take the time to truly understand our concerns and needs. We feel fortunate to have them in our corner to protect our clients’ privacy. Having spent 2 years researching and testing other security companies, we are confident that the approach Griffin uses is the best fit for our client's needs. We look forward to keeping our security footprint solid in the weeks, months and years ahead.