Endpoint Defense Protection Is The Most Effective Strategy

Endpoint Defense Protection is the most effective strategy that should be put in place today to protect a business from the many threats they face. Malware is one threat and it is any software that is created to cause damage and disrepair intentionally. There is a lot of malware out there.

Antivirus software, firewalls and other strategies can help you to prevent the introduction of malware to a business’s network. Read about best practices for utilizing antivirus software here. However, in a constant changing landscape of data breaches, security issues and growing cyber threats, individuals and businesses must seek out the best and most effective measures to protect themselves. Threats continue to evolve and become much more targeted.

Is Antivirus Software And Firewalls Effective Enough Tools To Protect Your Business ?

Is antivirus (AV) software and firewalls effective enough tools alone to protect against cyber threats? AV software and firewalls are still best practices to help protect you and your company. However, Endpoint Defense Protection is now so much more than those two tools alone. Most personal computers are protected from malware using antivirus software. AV software is typically inexpensive and simple to set up. But AV software has significant limitations that fail to protect endpoints from more sophisticated and targeted malware attacks. Having Endpoint Defense Protection is critical for you and your business. You can read more about Endpoint Defense here.

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Why Is  Endpoint Defense Protection  Important?

An endpoint is any device that is connected to the internet. If it’s connected to internet at your home or your business, then it is connected to your network. As we know, a network is only good as its weakest link. Think of each endpoint as a link in the network chain. Examples of endpoints include computers, tablets, smartphones, and printers just to name a few.  Endpoint Defense Protection is a sophisticated managed service that protects your network and data from targeted and persistent attacks. It can also help protect your business from a very common and dangerous threat: human error.

“When considering IT security, many people see the endpoint as the last line of defense. However, given that the goal of any cyberattack is to gain access to a vulnerable endpoint, and that all breaches will ultimately involve at least one endpoint, protecting and fortifying endpoints should be where an organization’s security program starts.”

What Is Your Endpoint Defense Protection Strategy?

Griffin Group Global can establish Endpoint Defense Protection for you and your business. SourceONE™ Managed Security Services offer Endpoint Defense Protection that secures devices and endpoints to defend your privacy.

Sentinel, one of the services within SourceONE™ Managed Security Services offered by Griffin Group Global, is an advanced system that provides threat detection in real time. This service has the capability to:

  1. Detect the issue
  2. Speed up the response to the issue
  3. Isolate the issue
  4. Mitigate the issue before your data is compromise
How Can You Optimize Managed Security Services?

Implementing SourceONE™ Managed Security Services increases both your security posture and increases your company’s valuation. Put Endpoint Defense Protection in place today! It is critical in defending you and your company’s security.

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