While cybersecurity can be a complex and challenging field, some aspects of it are all too clear. The number of threats to individuals & corporations is growing rapidly, as is the number of bad actors who create them and the number of systems at risk from cyber attacks. The Internet of Things (IoT) will continue to create massive needs and problems for cybersecurity as millions of devices come online. The increasing digital connectivity and the automation of virtually all processes in the world of business, have led to the creation of agility. This has also led to the development of extremely high levels of threat and significantly raised the risk of cybersecurity.

cybersecurity best practices

Technology has shifted, the adoption of security needs to go hand in hand with the new technology, and the people managing it. Individuals must acknowledge this and identify how they too can prepare for the very future.

Here are a few emerging technologies that will help boost the security of information systems from being compromised by hackers.

  1. Artificial intelligence. AI could indicate imminent or ongoing hostile cyber activity. An AI-based system could explain to its users why it is behaving in a manner that is inconsistent with its expected behavior.
  2. Hardware authentication. The use of tokens, smart cards, biometric locks and other devices. Authentication measures act as a barrier against intruders and guard the enterprise against network infiltration, data or identity theft, and fraud.
  3. Proactive cloud security. The ability for security systems to act dynamically, and to react to threats and breach attempts.

The need for cybersecurity in an increasingly connected world is clear. As computers become more intimately involved in our daily lives and those of our children. Our dependence upon them will similarly increase. We are already at the point where many of us find it difficult to go a a few hours without our mobile phones. Cybersecurity will be a constant concern in a digital world that seems to present unlimited opportunities for both the good guys and the bad guys. With the right approach, the right tools, technology, and people, cybersecurity can both protect and create new levels of business growth.

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