Understanding the cyber security basics, starts with understanding that you’re an attractive target for cyber criminals. If you have money (doesn’t matter how much), data (usernames, passwords, documents, emails, etc.) or a place to work, you’re going to be targeted by criminals in the cyber security world. It’s not even personal, as cyber criminals automate most of their attacks. Don’t ever say “it can’t happen to me.”

cyber security basics

Given the visibility and public disclosure that results from cyberattack breaches, cybersecurity and enterprise readiness have become very important topics. What’s enabling most cyber crimes is simple human error, such as trusting instructions that are sent electronically, or being taken in by complex scams in which criminals pose as clients, vendors, employees, executives, or other professionals in order to gain access to financial assets.

Cyber Security Basic Do’s

  1. Create strong passwords that are at least eight characters long, and including at least a numerical value and a symbol, such as #. Avoid common words, and never disclose a password online.
  2. Perform regular backups of important data.
  3. Never click on a link from an untrusted source.
  4. Regularly update your operating system, Web browser, and other major software, using the manufacturers’ update features, preferably using the auto update functionality.

Cyber Security Basic Don’ts

  1. Never reply to e-mail(s) requesting financial or personal information.
  2. Never select the “Remember My Password” option. Many applications do not store them securely.
  3. Never purchase anything promoted in a spam message. Even if the offer isn’t a scam, you are only helping to finance and encourage spam.
  4. Do not leave your laptop unattended, even for a few minutes.

Every year, thousands of people have their various online accounts compromised by hackers in the cyber security world. Whether through targeted phishing attacks or database hacks that leak millions of usernames and passwords out onto the web, there’s no reason to suspect that this danger will end anytime soon.

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