The need for encrypted communication in business and in life, is growing as each data breach is announced to the public. Communication between businesses has been the difference between success and failure, the key to growth and the accessory for expansion. Securing a deal on the other side of the world, or perhaps on the other side of the country, can be hindered by ineffective communication. As such, secure communication is at a premium for the health of the business and the view of the brand. 

Cyber attacks are becoming more rampant, the consequences of which make businesses ‘wanna’ cry.  However data breaches on the scale of ‘wanna’ cry can be avoided. Moving forward, we’re likely to see more sophisticated cyber attacks being deployed by criminals to invade our privacy, but encrypted communication is the frontline of defense.

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When you think about secure messaging, information that you communicate becomes encrypted using a key and then decrypted with the same key. That key is known only to the sending party and the recipient, so it stays out of others’ hands. Not even internet service providers (ISPs) or other parties involved in the actual transfer of the data can view the information or the key.

With standard encryption communication, the data becomes encrypted until it passes through the service provider for transmission. At this point, the data becomes unencrypted. The contents of the communication could potentially be accessed at that point. Once passed through the service provider, the data is once again encrypted when it reaches the recipient. By contrast, end to end encryption keeps the communication encrypted at every step of the transmission. This is how Griffin’s Secure Comms solution encrypts voice, text, group messaging and file sharing, resulting in piece of mind and confidence that your communications are delivered to the desired recipient. Here are some data points to consider when thinking about whether to invest in encrypting your communications. We hope this post helps you understand the importance of encrypting communications starting in 2018 and for the rest of the your life. A sobering reality.

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