Whether you are working on a laptop, smartphone or tablet, you are essentially exposing yourself and, more importantly, your personally identifiable information to cyber security threats every time you log in. Hackers, often with the help of malicious software, do their best to steal information from personal devices for the benefit of themselves or a third party. In today’s networks, we have to consider that digital identity is the new perimeter to be protected. Digital Identity in this case does not mean only the device and its physical location but also the data, applications and user information it contains.

cyber security threats



Below are 3 Cyber Security Threats not to overlook

    Outdated Software

A common security flaw in all networks is out-of-date software. New viruses and malware are introduced every day, and security software vendors work around the clock to maintain malware definitions. Similarly, operating systems need to be updated periodically with security patches.


Apps are small programs that are added onto web browsers and mobile phones to help increase efficiency or add a fun program onto the system. However, because the market for applications has grown so rapidly, developers witnessed a push to get new user-friendly apps out as fast as possible, which led to an increased focus on design and usability while neglecting security. As a result, many of today’s apps can be easily compromised. Malicious hackers are creating their own legitimate-looking apps, which will download malware onto the device once the app has been runs.


You already know that “spam” is the email equivalent of junk mail. But it can do more than clutter up your inbox. Some of these email missives can contain a link or an attachment prompting you to download a computer virus. They can also be used to defraud those close to you. For instance, someone who has hacked into your email account can send a message asking every one of your contacts to wire money because you are in distress – and possibly rope in a few people who aren’t familiar with this common fraud.

Advances in technology are not likely to slow down in the future, nor is our increased reliance on the fruits of that growth. New security threats will be a constant reality, which makes it more important than ever that individuals continue to take steps to protect their own security.

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