The catalyst to many frustrating moments at the computer. We already know how critical it is to use strong and unique passwords. But according to LastPass (one of the most popular password managers on the market today), 91% of people know that using the same password over multiple platforms is a security risk. What’s even more crazy is the fact that 59% of those same people admit to committing this security blunder! Why do we continue to fall into bad practices surrounding passwords? One option to help with your password security is to utilize a password manager. A password manager is an excellent tool that stores, encrypts, and manages your passwords for you. The best part is now you only need to remember one password or passphrase.

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What Are The Benefits To Using A Password Manager?

  1. All you need to remember is one password! This is helpful for so many people because clearly based on statistics, even when people are educated on what it takes to make their passwords secure, they do the opposite and use the same password for everything.
  2. You never have to worry that the same password has been utilized! This is also helpful because again while people know that reusing passwords leaves them vulnerable to being compromised, people still reuse passwords for ease. A password manager can generate a unique, strong passwords for you to ensure that the same password will not be reused.
  3. Many password managers offer multi-layered authentication, or 2FA. The more layers the better! This ensures that even if your password for your password manager is compromised, someone can not login without the second authentication key.
  4. Password Managers can manage more than just passwords. They can also provide secure access to your credit card or bank account information. Think of your password manager as an electronic wallet that holds your digital footprint safe.

Can I use a Password Manager Securely?

Yes! Password managers can be very secure and should be considered a best practice to ensure your passwords are consistently maintained. One of the biggest concerns for people when they start using a password manager is having all your passwords stored in one central location. What if the password to your password manager is compromised? Then all your unique and strong passwords would now be susceptible to hackers, right? Wrong…if you chose the right password manager and set it up correctly! Using multi-layered authentication, or 2 FA, is critical. Of course, you should ensure your master password is strong and unique, but enabling 2FA will prevent unauthorized access to your passwords. That 2nd layer of protection allows for your passwords to remain encrypted and out-of-reach to someone that has stolen your master password.

Using a password manager, instead of falling back to the bad habits of creating passwords that are easy to remember, the same across every login or passwords that have been reused, will help to make you a harder target to cyber criminals. Employ a password manager today. We can help. Our Identity Defense solution within SourceONE, can fulfill this need and add in some additional defenses.

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BY: John Reeher March 28, 2019 at 10:07 pm

A good best practice is also to randomize your security or reset questions. These questions are often mined on social media, or even compromised on other sites and can make account takeover by using “forgot my password” functionality just as easily as a re-used password.



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