Your login credentials have been stolen. To make matters even worse, you failed to follow one of the biggest rules in cyber security – you used the same username and password for all your online accounts!  You are now panicking as you realize you should have proactively built a stronger defense against cyber-attacks by creating strong passwords and not repeating passwords over multiple online platforms. But, just because a cybercriminal has your login credentials, does that mean they can access your accounts? If you activated multi-layer authentication on your account, you have prevented your account from being accessed by unauthorized individuals. Multi-layer authentication is an easy and cost-effective measure you can roll out for you or your business to quickly mitigate risk and harden your defensive cyber security posture. When not using multi-layered authentication, all other methods of security that have already been strategically put in place, including strong passwords, firewalls and antivirus software, can be bypassed. Optimizing multi-layer authentication makes you and your business a harder target to cyber criminals.

multi layer authentication

What is Multi-Layer Authentication?

Multi-layer authentication is a best practice you can implement today to enhance your security posture. It is an added layer of security that makes you a harder target to cyber criminals. It consists of three main things:

  1. Something I know (i.e. my established password)
  2. Something I have (i.e. a token or code send via text or email when trying to access the account)
  3. Something that a person is (I.e. a fingerprint, retina scan or voice match)

Why should I Optimize Multi-Layer Authentication?

  1. Strengthens security and enhances security posture
  2. Enhances compliance
  3. Streamlined processes and cost effective

The most common multi-layer authentication is called two-factor authentication, or 2FA.  The cyber example of using 2FA is just as simple. Type in your username and password and then depending on how your 2FA is set up, you will either receive a text message to your phone or an email with a code that you must enter to gain access. This way, if your login credentials were stolen by a cybercriminal, they would only make it as far as the entering the code, or 2nd factor or layer of authentication. The cybercriminal may know your email address or may know your cell phone number, but they aren’t able to read the content of said mailbox that receives the 2FA code. You can read more about how to activate specific 2FA on websites and how to figure out which do and do not offer it here.

For more of multi layer authentication, we offer Identity Defense under our SourceONE solution. This will heighten security posture and fulfill 100% of the reasons outlined here.

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