Cyber Vulnerability is defined to be a combination of the attractiveness of a target and the level of defense provided by the existing defense. Vulnerabilities are simply weaknesses in the system, and are what make threats possible and/or more significant. Cyber Vulnerability is one of the biggest challenges of the industry. Particularly public web sites are more prone to vulnerability attacks since they are exposed to many users.

Four Common Examples Of Vulnerabilities Include:

  1. Lack of proper access control
  2. Transmission of sensitive data
  3. Failure to check authorization to sensitive resources
  4. Failure to encrypt sensitive data at rest

Cyber Vulnerability Awareness

How To Protect Your Organization from Cyber Vulnerability

Vulnerabilities expose your organization’s assets to harm. They exist in operating systems, applications or hardware you use. If you do not run antivirus and anti-malware software, your laptop or mobile device is vulnerable to infections. Similarly, if you fail to routinely update your operating systems or application software, these will remain vulnerable to software problems that have been identified and patched. Protect yourself against vulnerabilities by ensuring you install updates and security patches for your operating system as soon as they are released, as well as ensure that you have the latest version of any software installed on your computer. These are the simple basics, but there are many more steps to be taken to lower your cyber vulnerability.

Utilize an MSSP to Protect your Organization from Cyber Vulnerability

Griffin Group Global, an industry leading MSSP, can put in place a proactive defense through their managed security services, SourceOne™.  SourceONE™ is a managed security services solution configured to client’s needs. Griffin provides services that prevent the exploitation of personal and business information. Threat vectors are blocked, malicious code is quarantined, and every network endpoint is protected. We back this up with 24×7 network monitoring and trained cyber security professionals who ensure the privacy of your data.


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