As you might expect, when you search public records the results are exactly that—public! Few laws prohibit the disclosure of information contained in public records: driving and voting records; birth, marriage, death certificates; and arrest records are all generally considered to be public information. Voter data is largely a matter of a simple search of public record. It’s collected for public purposes, not private ones, and there’s no opt-out on sharing this information.

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Search Public Records And Learn

Before the Internet, public records were essentially private because of their obscurity — they sat gathering dust in courthouses across the land. Much of the publicly available information on individuals online is sourced from online county, state and federal government records databases. The public is blissfully unaware that these documents, which were once accessible only in dusty books inside the walls of the registry of deeds, are now freely available over the Web to anyone in the world with a click of a mouse.

We are living in a world of indiscriminate tracking where companies are stockpiling data about individuals at an unprecedented pace. The sheer breadth of information available about individuals online is a concern. Having access to that much information makes it easier for criminals to obtain other identity authentication factors.

A lot of your personally identifiable information makes its way into a database somewhere. When you obtain a mortgage, get a traffic ticket, or register to vote, your name and other information will likely wind up in a public document. Many states are now passing laws that require notification to individuals when their personal information has been potentially disclosed by a data breach. But having received notice, what should you or your clients do next if they discover their personal information has been compromised? That is a blog for another day.

Please keep in mind that your data in 2019, is there for the taking. Be conservative with where and how often you give your information out. When you search public records on yourself, you will find there is a lot more about you out there then you would hope. If you are interested in changing this trend, give us a ring or contact us. We will show you how.


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