It is estimated that close to ninety percent of the global workforce is mobile and is mostly comprised of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). This is in the backdrop of attacks becoming people centric which have been targeting corporate network systems through mobile collaborators. It is recorded that close to fifty million attacks attempted through mobile devices were recorded in 2018 with more than 2.5 billion data records being compromised through mobile data breaches. This makes Mobile Threat Defense mandatory for any company.

Mobile Capability And Security Must Strike A Balance

There is a need to strike a balance between mobile capability and security; this is one of the biggest challenges being faced by many business organizations today. Mobility on one end helps businesses boost their productivity but on the other, it creates a new attack front through which company data is exposed to cyber threats operating at the device level, applications and network. Mobile Threat Defense can help business organizations leverage on the advantages that are presented by mobility. Here are some of the benefits that mobile threat defense brings to the table.

Mobile Threat Defense and Your Network


Predictive Intelligence 

Mobile Threat Defense is an always on application running on mobile devices and it turns them into sensors which feed data into analytics tools enabling them to extract insights for security. With such risk and remediation, time is greatly reduced leading to higher business resilience.

Strong Visibility 

It is agreed that corporate security needs reporting, visualization and user friendly dashboards on both personal computers and mobile devices. Most SIEM as well as other types of event monitoring tools do not have visibility on the mobile end. Only mobile threat defense have the capability to travel with gadgets and give the required visibility to businesses. Without this visibility, traditional tools can leave the information technology scene leading to serious mobile threats. With visibility, organizations also have the ability to enforce system security policies in all the mobile devices used by the employees for work related purposes.

Proactive Remediation and Mobile Threat Defense

Malware solutions in mobile devices may not offer adequate protection; actually their solutions are known to do too little too late. Mobile Threat Defense is supposed to offer more than what these tools present. It is supposed to prevent cyber attacks before they happen; for it to do this it has the capacity to detect. With early detection, attacks are stopped before they infiltrate the system, saving the business valuable time and money, components which would have been used to deal with the situation.

The MSSP and Mobile Threat Defense

Griffin Group Global can enhance your Mobile Threat Defense through their SourceOne Managed Security Services. Mobile Device Management combine with Mobile Threat Detection to help you deliver secure mobility and manage policy across applications and devices.

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