There are many key benefits of using a VPN. First, what is a VPN and how do they work? What does a VPN do? A Virtual Private Network or VPN is an encrypted internet connection from a device to a network. A VPN allows you to have a secure connection to a network over the internet.  It is becoming increasingly more popular and commonly used.

When VPNs were initially created, they were used by businesses to connect securely or for the ability to access work information from home. Now, VPNs are often used on tablets, smart phones or other devices securely by using a computers internet connection.

VPNs are especially helpful in protecting data privacy.

“VPN use and data privacy have strong correlations. By accessing a separate server for internet use, VPNs make it much more difficult for hackers and/or 3rd parties to track online activities.”


Key Benefits of Using a VPN

Key Benefits of Using a VPN

Key Benefits of Using a VPN

  • Maximize Efficiency. Securely accessing a business network remotely as it was originally intended. VPN establishes a secure connection between your device and the website on a public network. It becomes your online security guard that protects your data from being tracked or misused.
  • Stream content securely, like netflix. 29 percent of VPN users accessed Netflix in the last month!
  • Stay Private in Public. Protect your security while using public WiFi. This is like a secure hidden alleyway to ensure data coming to and from your device is encrypted. Places such as cafés and public Wi-Fi spots are common targets by hackers. A VPN would solve this problem by creating a layer of security and protect you from data theft.
  • No Tracking. A VPN changes your IP address and thus protects you from malicious actors looking to steal your data. Whether you are banking, trading, gaming, VPN will shield you from unwanted tracking and hacking activities.
  • Great for traveling and allows you to continue to access your important websites where you might not otherwise be able to.
  • Keeps browsing history private. Everything you do is logged, every website you visit; your complete browser history. You might not care about this type of surveillance if you’re not doing anything wrong, but if you do care about your privacy a VPN is the way to stay anonymous.

VPNs are a great and simple tool to use and implement to allow you to more securely connect over the internet. It can also contribute in protecting your systems from potential threats.

How to Choose the Best VPN for your Needs

There are a few different options but this article, The Best VPN Services for 2019 nicely outlines them to help you decide what is right for you and your needs!





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