So you’ve followed the clues we discussed in our previous blog and now you need tips to move past the hack.  All signs point to the fact that you have indeed been hacked and your data has likely been compromised. Now what?! It is critical to move quickly! Hackers move very fast and wait for no one. You need to as well. Here are tips and tricks to help you move past the hack as quickly as possible

Immediately Change Passwords

The first tip to moving past the hack is to immediately change your password. It is critical to change ALL passwords immediately! Start with the password to your email account because this account is often used for two-factor authentication or to gain access to additional accounts by using the “forgot my password” option, or a similar technique. Be sure to change ALL of your passwords for ALL of your logins. You can read more about best practices to create strong passwords here.

Utilize Antivirus Software on the Device to Check for Issues

Be sure to run the scan and check for issues after a hack to try to eliminate viruses or malware. Update and delete any malware. Make sure your system is up to date.  It is so important to optimize antivirus software and all the capabilities it has to offer.

Tell Family and Friends You Have Been Hacked

It is important to let family and friends know that you have been hacked.  Communicating this to them ensures that they don’t respond to something that was sent to them from your account without your authorization. Your family and friends can be an excellent resource for you as they can keep an eye out for suspicious activity that may be related to your compromise.

Tips to move past the hack.


Monitor Accounts Closely

It is important that you continuously monitor your bank and credit card accounts for unauthorized transactions. These transactions should be immediately reported to your bank. A best practice would be to contact your bank and credit card company. This will allow you to advise them of your situation ahead of any possible issues.

Check your Credit Report

You can check your credit report using numerous paid options. As a best practice, remember we are entitled to one FREE credit report annually. This means we are entitled to one free report from EACH of the three (3) credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion). Make sure to check ALL 3 reports to ensure there are no additional accounts that have been opened in your name.  Another best practice would be to advise the credit bureau’s that you have been a victim of possible identity theft so they can monitor your reports more closely and add additional layers of protection to it. The credit bureau’s can lock your social security number. This makes it so that new lines of credit or other accounts cannot be opened without additional identity verification.

Consult an MSSP

After you recognize that you have been hacked you should call upon a MSSP or a Managed Security Service Provider. An MSSP can help you re-mediate the hack and go forward by setting you up with a proactive defense for the future. An MSSP is a company that can provide oversight and administration of a company’s security processes. This can be done remotely or in-house. Some tasks of an MSSP include security management, incidence response and building of infrastructure.

Griffin Group Global, an industry leading MSSP, can provide you with remediation assistance and a proactive defense through their managed security services, SourceOne™.  SourceONE™ is a managed security services solution configured to client’s needs. Griffin provides services that prevent the exploitation of personal and business information. Threat vectors are blocked, malicious code is quarantined, and every network endpoint is protected. We back this up with 24×7 network monitoring and trained cyber security professionals who ensure the privacy of your data.


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