Effective cyber resistance involves more than just building a wall. It involves actively monitoring, finding and neutralizing threats. A proactive approach of defense must be in place to neutralize both internal and external threats. Staying current on the evolving threats and having an order of operations established, will help reduce confusion in the face of a breach.

Incorporating a proactive security methodology that permeates the corporate culture and extends to the products and services can better enable an organization to defuse catastrophic attacks and keep the business operational. The following are a few examples of where I would start to think of how to introduce proactive layers of security:

  1. Strong Passwords
  2. Password Manager
  3. Multilayered security
  4. Antivirus software
  5. Managed Security Services

Griffin Group Global, an industry leading MSSP, can put in place a proactive defense through their managed security services, SourceOne™.  SourceONE™ is a managed security services solution configured to client’s needs. Griffin provides services that prevent the exploitation of personal and business information. Threat vectors are blocked, malicious code is quarantined, and every network endpoint is protected. We back this up with 24×7 network monitoring and trained cyber security professionals who ensure the privacy of your data.


Five Safeguards You Need To Implement To Prevent Being Compromised

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