The adoption of managed security services can be a huge benefit for companies or for IT teams who simply have too many tasks in one day to adequately defend company security.

MSSPs allow you to focus on running your business while ensuring critical assets are all properly managed and protected.

While cybersecurity can be a complex and challenging field, some aspects of it are all too clear. The number of threats to individuals & corporations is growing rapidly, as is the number of bad actors who create them and the number of systems at risk from cyber attacks. The Internet of Things (IoT) will continue to create massive needs and problems for cybersecurity as millions of devices come online. The increasing digital connectivity and the automation of virtually all processes in the world of business, have led to the creation of agility. This has also led to the development of extremely high levels of threat and significantly raised the risk of cybersecurity. Technology has shifted, the adoption of security needs […]

Although businesses and institutions have traditionally dominated the cyber security industry. Now increasingly it is ultra high net worth (UHNW) individuals in need for digital protection. UHNW individuals are waking up to the need for holistic security measures due to some well-publicised information security breaches. They have more devices, they travel more, they may have domestic staff. There is just a greater attack surface for someone targeting them to get through. Which results in a greater need for digital protection. The problem lies in the growing reliance on the internet. That means criminals can attack from anywhere at any time The wealthy tend to travel more. Using unknown networks to control remote devices or conduct financial transactions, especially abroad. This […]

As the number and frequency of cyber-attacks designed to take advantage of unsuspecting personnel are increasing. The significance of the human factor in cyber security management cannot be understated. The human factors of cyber security represent the actions or events when human error results in a successful hack or data breach. Developing an awareness of cyber risks – what they are, how to identify them, the type of perpetrators – is one of the best ways to contribute to achieving effective processes and procedures to cope. Here are some of the benefits of equipping your team with the skills and awareness to thwart cyber threats and help protect from attacks: Data Protection – Data security boosts your confidence. Utilizing strong, […]

Data breaches, ransomware, cyber attacks targeting big corporations and small businesses alike. Rarely a day goes by without another reminder in the headlines that improving security should be a top priority. Cyber security is the process of applying security measures to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. Cyber security attempts to assure the protection of assets, which includes data, desktops, servers, buildings, and most importantly, humans. There are some easy things you can do, without purchasing expensive technology or investing a lot of time of reconfiguring your home network, to make you faster and to keep you from being an easy target online. Cyber Security best practices you can to do today, to enhance your cyber security posture: 1. […]

From the moment you switch on your device, your system faces countless Internet-borne dangers, including spyware attacks, viruses, and hackers trying to access your system. Viruses and spyware are different forms of malicious software. You need protection to keep your computer and devices secure, to enhance productivity.  With so many computer viruses in existence, protecting your computer’s security should be one of your top priorities. Aside from just stopping viruses, most anti-virus programs have other features, such as firewalls, that will ensure the well-rounded safety and security of your valued computer. Utilizing these security practices will make your computer’s defense stronger and minimize the threat of malicious exploit. Firewall. A firewall prevents unauthorized users from accessing a computer or network without […]

Our every interaction online provides data on what we have performed in that environment, which is valuable in assisting behavioral targeting, personalization, targeted marketing, digital reputation and other social media or social graphing services. In other words, we have a digital footprint that is as large as the number of individuals or entities we interact with. That doesn’t just mean people anymore. It includes, applications, databases, servers, mobile devices, personal devices and wearables, networks, your data on the internet. Point is, everything today has an identity. Digital identity is becoming increasingly traceable, driven by the exponential growth of available data and the big data capabilities to process it.  Digital Identity can be defined as all the online information and data […]