Traveling opens up a world of new possibilities for individuals & families, and it opens up one very big threat – identity theft while traveling. Travelers are especially at risk for data breaches and credit card fraud. Simply being away from home and not monitoring your accounts and data with as much vigilance as usual increases that risk. As does using strange and potentially unsecured credit card machines, ATMs, and even free public WiFi. Safeguard your digital identity by practicing these tips.  4 – D.I.Y. Tips to practice while traveling for secure assurance.  Lock up your records. Keep any financial documents and records containing your sensitive information in a secure place in your home or office. Try to avoid carrying around items […]

In today’s world, hackers and other cyber-criminals are continuously finding new ways to gain access to devices in order to steal or exploit the information within. Careless use of passwords, however, can be as bad as leaving one’s computing devices unprotected. Security measures such as passwords are critical when it comes to preventing the unauthorized access of one’s computer and mobile devices. Passwords are used for virtually everything we do online. Passwords protect our digital identities on websites, discussion groups, email accounts and more. Using a password manager is the easiest way to keep your personal and private information safe. A password vault stores your passwords securely, allowing you to save the information in the cloud or on your personal […]

Are you using password managers? Password management is an important aspect of digital identity theft protection. It’s the front line of protection for user terminals and it is by far the most common user authentication method. The growing pressure by hackers against high value targets and the volumes of personal and other sensitive information being stolen highlights one of the basic questions of cybersecurity: How do you keep the bad guys out? It’s important to choose a strong password and protect it. There are many password-cracking programs readily available on the Internet. Passwords are the key to access many computer systems or applications. A strong password makes it reasonably difficult to guess the password in a short period of time […]

Insider threats is a generic term for a threat to an organization’s security or data that comes from within. Such threats are usually attributed to employees or former employees, but may also arise from third parties, including contractors, temporary workers or customers. Here are explanations of all three types of insider threats: The Malicious Insider This type of insider threat is likely the most difficult to face, and the threat they pose is not easily mitigated by more stringent protocols or advanced information security training. A malicious insider as a current or former employee, contractor, or other business partner who has or had authorized access to an organization’s network, system, or data and intentionally misused that access in a manner that […]

The need for encrypted communication in business and in life, is growing as each data breach is announced to the public. Communication between businesses has been the difference between success and failure, the key to growth and the accessory for expansion. Securing a deal on the other side of the world, or perhaps on the other side of the country, can be hindered by ineffective communication. As such, secure communication is at a premium for the health of the business and the view of the brand.  Cyber attacks are becoming more rampant, the consequences of which make businesses ‘wanna’ cry.  However data breaches on the scale of ‘wanna’ cry can be avoided. Moving forward, we’re likely to see more sophisticated […]

Corporate Digital Data is a key component to your digital identity. It is a critical asset that must be protected from external threats. At the same time, this digital data empowers your business. Forward thinking business leaders should be looking at a few key data protection principals at every scale, from the small business to the large enterprise. Here is how to get started: Authorize only specific user experiences to access your corporate data. Delegate user access via specific applications to interact with your data API. Create a well understood corporate data classification policy. Create a well understood role based access control policy. Provide reasonable defaults for employees. Authorize Specific User Experiences All too often, corporate digital data ends up […]

Secure convenience. In addition to redefining what it means to be cyber secure, and now that we’re starting to understand that modern day convenience up to this point is unsecured. We can start to get into the answer we’re all looking for. It’s simple, secure convenience no matter what. Our mission here at Griffin is simple as well, help people and business. Help everyone take back control of their digital self better protecting the physical self so we can sleep easy at night. So how do we do this, keep it simple. We start by understanding your strategy and business goals, the unique people and processes that make up your business and lifestyle. Then map it to the technology and […]

The number one question we receive from customers is “what is block chain?” Many believe Blockchain technology is set to change the way the world does business. Blockchain is an incorruptible decentralized ledger that not only provides a transaction medium but also acts as a repository of all transactions in hashed digital packets called blocks. The advantage of a blockchain based identity system is its ability to record each identity shared in the global network and maintain continually reconciled data throughout the network. While we have reservations about the long term viability of blockchain (we will get into this in a future post), we do believe that in 2018 Blockchain is a solid safeguard.  The blockchain technology has solved a long-standing […]

Digital Identity, in its simplest form, is a digital means of establishing we are and who we say we are. Identity is vital to participate fully in our modern digital society and economy. Online users must provide their identities using credentials, such as a password. This process is called authentication, and it is essential to protecting your digital identity. If authentication can be circumvented, then anyone can pretend to be anyone else online, and that can lead to serious problems. The following are 3 digital protections you can do yourself today: Use a Password Manager A password manager is easy to use, once a user visits a website and enters their username and password, the password manager captures the information, […]

Security is not convenient. So, you must decide what is important to you, security or convenience? With convenience becoming common among users it’s very hard to break that expectation until something bad happens. Even then it is hard to change behavior, we rate how bad that something is and try to justify not changing our behavior because most of us don’t like change. Convenience is comfortable. What’s going on. Even with Apple saying “we want to be different”, the question is how much? Digital Health is something you will start to hear in this effort. Apple is telling you that “you have the ability to block or limit apps” but they could have taken a hard stance if they wanted. […]